I am forever grateful to more experienced authors who shared information and advice with me as I began my journey years ago. In fact, this collegial support amongst writers never ends. The more you engage with writers, the more you learn from each other.

 There are many other valuable groups and websites, but I hope you find these useful.






Instagram ~https://www.thecreativepenn.com/2017/01/07/instagram/

Pinterest for authors ~https://www.janefriedman.com/how-authors-can-use-pinterest/

Twitter advice ~https://jillkemerer.com/twitter-advice-2018/

BookBub   is a highly successful site for readers to find good deals. It is also an excellent site for promoting your book (albeit expensive) if your book is accepted ~ you may need to apply several times and the greater the discount, the more chance you have. However, along with this, BookBub offers a lot of good advice to writers.   https://insights.bookbub.com/

From the HuffingtonPost. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ak-turner/marketing-tips-for-indie-authors_b_6010956.html

Goodreadsis the world’s largest online bookclub. Your books should be on here and you should have a page with which you actively engage, writing reviews for other books you read, joining a few of the clubs for specific genres (if you have time, it’s not a necessity). Link your website to it. This is a very good article that explains the ins and outs.

Rather than overload you with information, I’m going to end with this hint to the best collection of author support books I know. Social Media consultant and author Barb Drozdowich writes some of the best books to help authors. See her publications listed on Amazon.

Get engaged with some of the many Facebook pages dedicated to readers and writers. Comment on other books. Do NOT push your books except on specific days when you are invited to do so. Read the rules. Hang out on the sites and figure out how you can contribute and benefit from belonging. You may decide some are not for you, but there will be some that you like. I’ve probably missed some good ones, so search around. Give it time.

Here are a few examples:

Tall Poppy Book Club
Great Thoughts, Great Readers   
Historical Fiction Lovers
Women’s Fiction Writers Association
Romance Writers, Readers, Bloggers and Reviewers
All Things Books (Fantasy and Science Fiction)
Crime, Thriller and Mystery Readers Cafe
The Fiction Café
Twenty Facebook Groups for Writers
Lake Union Authors
Readers Coffeehouse

These are simply suggestions to help answer some of your questions. You will find much more information as you work through them. Good luck. And remember:

 Believe in yourself. Write every day and read books whenever possible.  Never respond to negative reviews, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Contact me any time.


Writers Helping Writers

by Patricia Sands