​​With Pen In Hand      
by Richard Carr

With pen in hand we scratch a page
with etchings from our hearts.
These markings form the letters
of the words to which they’re parts.
And the words, in turn, become the means
by which we bare our souls
and speak our minds in lines of rhyme …
we poets and our poems.

 Of course, words alone cannot express
the wonders life presents
to each and every one of us
from birth until our death.
And, despite our “crafty penmanship”
and clever use of words,
the truths we write and read and speak
have yet to find a cure                           
 for the illnesses and madnesses
 which plague the human race.
 And so, we poets must keep writing,
 ever writing, just in case
some one of us, come someday,
pens the world’s most perfect poem
which maintains its rhyme and rhythm
in every language ever known.
It will likely be a simple piece
that’s easy to recite
which our kids will learn and
share for fun with giggles of delight.
And it will touch our “better spirits”
as if God had pushed the pen
to help this world of foes transition to
a globe of peaceful friends.

 Copyright©2016 Richard Carr                 

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​This is the third page of our collection of some of our members short stories and poetry. Views are the explicit opinion of each author and not that of Marco Island Writers.  Caution: Some content may be graphic in nature.  

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