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Members & Their Books

​​Perdichizzi, Betsy, Historian
SW FL History
       A Girl Called Tommie   
       Into the Wilderness   
       The Phony Hermit   
       Island Voices    

Read, Virginia
Memoir/Historical Fiction/Children/Poetry/+  
 Stranger at the Door
       Grocer's Dilema​  

Reid, Philip B.J.
Memoir/ FBI/Law
     Three Sisters Ponds

Repko, Marya
    The Life of Barron Collier
    Everglade City; Grandma of The Glades
    Women in the Everglades​​

    A Brief History of: The Fakahatchie;

    Sanibel Island; Everglade City

    Angel of The Swamp; The Tamiami Trail

Sanders, M. Angela


     Life is a Stamp Collection

Schwab, Margaret   


Fiction/Women's Fiction

     To Die For

     Guilt or Not 

Shoutov, Dimitriy

Multiple works in progress.

Sisbarro, Gina


     Booey And The Bug

     Finally Found

Spuria, Lisa

​Women's Fiction & Mystery

Stankievich, Joanne   



       Living With A Scent of Danger

Tailele, Joanne

Women's Fiction/Biography/Children's

     The Crittenden Girls


     Town Without Mercy

     Rehoming Pigeon

     Within Her Grasp

     Journey Thru Hell to Paradise

     What is Family?

​     March of the Sea Turtles


Walker, Linda 

does not do email, cell 239-298-3989

Children's / Short Stories / Poetry / Plays

    Personal writings & MIW Anthology

Weinert, Suzi

Mystery / Women's

    Garage Sale Stalker

    Garage Sale Diamonds  

    Garage Sale Riddle

    Woman At The Garage Sale

Weckelman, Jennie

 Short Stories / Essays

     Personal writings & MIW Anthology

​Woolaway, Shirley

Memoir  / Short Stories / Periodicals

    Dementia. Up Close and Personal

​Wroble, Lisa

Youth Non-Fiction/Adult Non-Fiction

     Kids in: Ancient Rome; Ancient Greece

     Colonial Times; Pioneer Times

     Ancient Egypt; The Middle Ages

     Kids During the Renaissance

     Kids During the American Civil War

     Kids During the Industrial Revolution

     Kids During the Great Depression 

    Dealing with Stress

    Starving: Can We Feed Everyone

    Food for a Greener Planet

    The Right to Counsel

    Inspired by Facts

    Balancing Act

    The Oceans

    The New Deal and the Great Depression

Wruk, Kristine
Christian Romance / Short Stories


Zachrich, Mary


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​​Heath, Joyce   

Romantic Mysteries/Children-Young Adults
     Right Target; Right Talents
     Right Skills; Right  Dreams
     Right Response
     Tiger's Adventures [3 Volumes]​​​

Hefferon, Dr. Michael


Medical & Non-Fiction 

     Of Plagues And Vampires

     Medical Myths

Highman, Clifton & Melody

Non-Fiction, Travel    

​​House Linda


Jebber, Molly

Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series
   Change of Heart
   Grace's Forgiveness
   Two Suitors for Anna
   Amish Charm Bakery Series

    The Amish Christmas Sleigh
   Liza's Second Chance
   Ellie's Redemption
   Hannah's Courage

Short Stories
   Amish Brides (Joshua's Bride)
   Amish Christmas Sleigh An Unexpected 

  (Christmas Blessing)

Johaningsmeir, Ruth  

(author pen name - Ruth J Princess)

   Winning the Lottery - A Tale of Marco Island

   Diary of a Fat Female

   Love and Crazy Nightmares

   Blackbeard the Pirate

   Granny O'Malley - Girl Pirate of Ireland

Jones, Clayton

    The Cure Conspirators

    WMD Redux Weapons Missing Detection

    Afternoon Break


Kalvin, Dr. Nick 
Poetry / Suspense 

    Sexual Jihad

Kilgore, Kathleen


Krueger, Amy

Light, Elliott   


     Lonesome Song

     The Gene Police

     The Predator

     Chain Thinking  


Malta, Barbara
Historical Fiction

     Betty Collier - Ribbon of Ibis

     Marco Island Pioneer


Masciarelli, James

Adventure/Fiction/Non-Fiction/Sea Stories

     Beyond Beauport

     Power Skills -leadership,

     Start-up 80 tech/business

Mayer M.D., T. Milton


    Scorpion Intrusion


    The Immigrant

McCormack, Lance


     Lust: Living Under Severe Torment

Medeiros, Sara  


Meguid, M.D, Michael 


   Roots & Branches

   Mastering The Knife

Messier, Robert 2

Non-Fiction / Fiction

    100 Yrs of Thrillers,  -four volumes

    Guitar Gods -nine books

    Hall of Fame Game [Baseball] Trilogy - 3 vol.


Murvine, Nancy

Contemporary Literature 

Niesner, Mershon

Non-fiction/Self-help/Historical Fiction

    Ribbons of Love -Affirmations for abundant living

    Mom's Gone, Now What? - Ten Steps to Help         Daughters Move Forward After Loss

     The Bootmaker's Wife


​​Acebo, Aurelio


Big Hearts, Small Arrows

Adduci, Jim


  Camping Trip



  Tripping with Jim

​​​Blonna, Dr. Rich


    Introduction to the Five R's                       of Conquering Your Stress

   Sexual Mindfulness

   Relax;   Reorganize

   Reduce;   Rethink

   Release;   Marco Island Meditations 

Burton, Dr. Dolores
    The Complete Guide to RTI    
    Mathematics and the Common 

    But you Don't Look Like Me

    Bully Billy is Back

    Big Bad Barry

    A Story of Courage: Supreme Court
        Justice Sonia Sotomayer 


​​Carr, Richard 


D'Angelo, Vince


    Forever is Tomorrow

    No Name Island

    Bavarian Girls 

    Out of Hong Kong


DeCrow, Gwen
Founder & Member for Life

Di Stefano, Elizabeth
Pen Name - E.J. Moran
Shadow Crimes

Diehm, Nicole

Duling, Jean S.

Poems / Poetry

Eckers, Michael
Historical Fiction/Nonfiction/History/+
  Northern Colors
  Colors in the Earth
  Colors in the Air
  Wisconsin Iron

  The Boys of Wasioja

  Losing Your Zip

Erdek, Don


      Inner Sanctum

Farmer, Don

​Thrillers / Non-Fiction / Narratives

   Fatal Ambition -with Chris Curle

Fedor, Don


     Awaken to Unconditional Love


Fisher, Pam


     Pammy the Pig

    The Alphabet Book

Gaertner, Connie
YA / Children's / Fiction
     Wake-Up Call


Goldhaber, Richard


     Project Starlight;​ Operation Exodus

​     Survivors; The Proof

​     The Four Roses; The Cure

​    Vector; The 26th Of June

​    Succession Plan

    The Last War



Gruner, Ronald

Hayton, Pauline

     Naga Queen
     Grandma Rambo
 [also in a Podcast]
     If you Love me, Kill Me
     A Corporal's War
      Still Pedaling
     The Unfriendly Bee
     No Long Goodbyes

     Extreme Delight

​     Myanmar: In My Father's Footsteps

Haviland, Sue
Self Help/Aging

      Aging in Place Conversations