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Elliott Light.

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February 2021

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The body of a young girl drifts over a reef where Jake Savage is photographing lionfish, beautiful brown-striped creatures with feathery pectoral fins that could almost make one forget their venomous spines. For an instant, Jake thinks she might be watching him, but she has no snorkel or mask. She isn’t wearing a swimsuit but rather is clad in only a shirt and panties. And she can’t have looked at him because she has no eyes.

What has this child done to die so young, to be forgotten and left to drift until consumed by the creatures of the sea? A voice whispers to let her go, but he can’t leave her to the whim of the wind and tide ....a simple decision with deadly consequences.

Elliott Light Grew up outside Washington, D.C. in McLean, Virginia before the beltway encircled the capital city, before farms were turned into housing developments, and before open fields became mega-malls. Light attended the University of Virginia, receiving degrees in Electrical
Engineering and Law. He has several patents to his name. After stints as an environmental lawyer and a high-tech in-house counsel, he practiced patent law in a private law firm. Now retired, he resides in Naples, FL with his wife, Sonya. Throwaways is his fourth published novel.


H o m e


Whose sightless young body floats in the waters of the reef?


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Book of the Month 

January 2021

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Dr. Michael's second foray into the world of medical myths and is simply a delight to read, whether one is in some way connected with the world of medicine, or not. It is filled with an eclectic mix of medical anecdotes that not only entertain, but truly inform the reader. He has woven a lifetime of medical encounters to illustrate the origins of these myths. Topics include JFK's Addisons Disease, and Freud's cocaine habit. He also explores the world of medical outpatients (Psychiatric) on the night of a full moon. Chapters about the dwindling numbers of crib deaths, and the

exposing of Munchausen's Syndrome will open a fascinating window into medical mysteries.

​Dr. Michael Hefferon practices as a Pediatrician in Kingston, Ontario, where he is Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, and Oncology, at Queens University. Born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in a bilingual Gaelic household, he secured a Scholarship to study Medicine at University College, Dublin. Choosing to specialise in Children’s Medicine, he trained in Dublin, Liverpool, and Kingston,Canada. Dr Hefferon became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1986. His training, teaching and Pediatric Practice have aroused his interest in Medical beliefs-some based more on myth than fact- which he has drawn to the attention of colleagues, through continuing medical educationprogrammes, and his membership in medical organisations. He lives in Kingston, Ontario, with his spouse, Catherine, while maintaining close contacts with the British Isles. 

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Dr. Michael Hefferon