December 13, 2017  Meeting



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Established June, 2011
Mission Statement:   To gather writers from all genres and skill levels to help one another improve their craft
by sharing information and inspiration regarding writing or publishing for fun or profit.
Tag Line:    We are writers helping writers.
2014-15 Strategy:
  • Networking and support of our members in the craft of writing

  • Writing workshops – among ourselves & with writer coaches

  • Critique Sessions (Read and Recommend), Flash Fiction, Technology Tips 

  • Annual AuthorFest -- writers helping writers to reach readers

Where we meet: Marco Center for the Arts 1010 Winterbery Dr., Marco Island

When we meet: Always the 2nd Wednesday of the month, year round

Time : Sign and social 5:30 p.m.  Meetings 6-8 p.m.

Contact Information:

2016 President: Elisabeth Noyes 239-394-5856


or webmaster, Joanne Tailele 239-784-2637


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Writers Helping Writers

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Bring a holiday treat, cookies, dessert, finger food or a beverage to share with the group. Paper products and cups will be provided.  

RISKY ADVENTURES AT THE PARTING OF THE IRON CURTAIN... This memoir is an insider's view of the momentous events surrounding the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, pinpointing its effect on individual lives. The author and her husband, Walter Stankievich, participate in stealthy meetings with dissidents behind the Iron Curtain; and at a Congress in Minsk, where the Foreign Minister warns the émigrés against demanding greater changes. Walter's work at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty motivates his actions, and takes them from suburban New Jersey to Munich and Prague. 


Happy Holidays


For the December 13 meeting,  Bill Green, editor of Marco Eagle / Naples Daily News will be presenting the best way for writer's to submit content; and offer tips on getting that content to the “right person.” He will also take questions from the audience. "I find that folks are often seeking answers as to why the 'media' does this, and why they don’t do that. I feel as though I can provide insight as to how the Marco Eagle and Naples Daily News respond to and serve the community." Bill Green 

We will also be nominating the 2018 Board of Directors and Committee Chairman.

You can still bring children's and young adults books for Toys for Tots