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About the Book, Still Pedaling: 
You name it, I've done it; precocious brat, poverty-stricken single parent, gave away child for adoption, gang rape survivor, world traveler, spiritual healer, probation officer, immigrant, massage therapist, cancer survivor, author, care giver to elderly parents, headstrong wife, educational sponsor for 100 Naga children, I’ve done it and I turned out OK. I’m still pedaling and you can too.

Molly Jebber

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Joan Fox Peppe

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About the author:

Molly Jebber is an award-winning Amish Historical Romance author whose books have received worldwide media attention. They’ve made Publisher’s Weekly Best Ten List, received near excellent ratings from RT, and featured in USA HEA. She’s a national speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and guest lecturer at Ohio State University, libraries & conferences on writing, publishing, & marketing.

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A former association executive, Joan contributed to her organization’s monthly newsletter and edited a number of professional journals for over twenty-two years. As a teenager and into adulthood, she wrote poetry and was an active member of Naples Writers Forum. Joan has always harbored a desire to write fiction and that dream became a reality in February 2020 with the publication of her debut novel, A Clearing in the Clouds. 

About the Book:

​Hannah's Courage - released January 28, 2020 (3rd book in Amish Charm Bakery Series) Hannah may have made the biggest mistake of her life. She doesn't like change, and she thought Timothy would wait until she was ready to move their friendship into courtship. She hadn't told him she's falling in love with him. But Charlene has made her interest in Timothy known. Will Hannah tell Timothy she loves him? Is it too late? And when she finds out Charlene isn't who she seems, will Hannah have the courage to tell him? 

Shirley Woolaway




On a sun-dappled residential street in Naples, Florida, Jim Franza, a retired litigator, is hit by a car in front of his home. His wife Ivy, her best friend Marge Coppola and high school neighbor Elena Pineda, watch in horror as Jim is killed instantly and the driver runs from the scene. Ivy is devastated and turns to alcohol for comfort. While the drama of their relationship darkens, the three women have no idea that a player from the distant past is about to enter the picture and change everything. Caught between Ivy and Elena, Marge knows she must do something before her two friends destroy their lives and in the process, hers as well.   

With the power of forgiveness at the heart of this story, A Clearing in the Clouds speaks to issues of friendship, love and perseverance in the face of overwhelming tragedy. 

Pauline Hayton