You’ve just learned your loved one has Alzheimer’s. Once you stop crying, you wonder what’s next. Where can you go to find help? Dementia: Up Close and Personal is a gold mine of information learned the hard way through a novice caregiver’s experiences covering a time when help was not easily found until the present day with its wealth of online information.

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Still Pedaling   - Pauline Hayton

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Pauline Hayton

MARCH 2020


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February 2020

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About the book:

Precocious brat, poverty-stricken single parent, gave away child for adoption, gang rape survivor, world traveler, spiritual healer, probation officer, immigrant, massage therapist, cancer survivor, author, care giver to elderly parents, headstrong wife, educational sponsor for 100 Naga children—you name it, I’ve done it and I turned out OK. I’m still pedaling and you can too.

Seely was a literate Twentieth Century man who dropped out of society to live as a hermit in the Ten Thousand Islands without the least preparation for it. This led to a series of adventures and misadventures in the wilderness that tickles your funny bone and keeps you on edge. Luckily for us, he wrote about his experiences in the islands in the watery world surrounded by the elements. His family expected him to stay a week and he stayed for fifteen years. Why? How? Where? How can someone, totally out of his element, survive for fifteen years to become a well-known hermit?

O t h e r s  B y  P a u l i n e


Dr. Richard Blonna

About the author: 
From the northeast of England, Pauline Hayton worked as a probation officer in her hometown of Middlesbrough before immigrating to the United States in 1991 with her husband Peter. They have become sponsors of Mount Kisha English School in Magulong, a remote village in Nagaland, India.  All the royalties from her books support the school and help the children obtain a secondary education. She lives in Naples, Florida, a willing slave to four cats who adopted her in the Great Recession. Hayton is the author of nine books.

Shirley is a former caregiver for two family members with Alzheimer’s disease and a journalist turned mental health counselor with an M. Ed. in Community Counseling from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She continued to learn about dementia while facilitating two dementia support groups, one in Pennsylvania and another in Florida, for both care receivers and their caregivers.  


April 2020

Dementia. Up Close and Personal   - Shirley Woolaway