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Author Bonnie Bee [Bonnie Bozzo]

​​Bonnie Bee grew up as a ranch girl in Northern California amidst horses, cattle and cowboys. She fulfilled her youthful desire to travel, touching all seven continents. She uses her adventures as well as those of her CIA brother to weave stories of the outdoors, survival and spy intrigue. Actress, writer, producer, director as well as author, she is matriarch to six grown children, as well as numerous grandchildren. She lives with her husband, a retired physician on a barrier island off the Gulf Coast of Florida.


​It is 1988. Ex-CIA operative, Lexie Heydon, now a successful Washington DC attorney, returns home to find an invasion with nothing stolen. 24-Hour surveillance as well as listening devices are aimed at Lexie as well as her parents in Northern Virginia. The reasons become clear when the family is notified that her twin brother, Bryan, also CIA, is stranded in Iraq. He carries damaging proof of Saddam Hussein's lethal chemical weapons program. Realizing he has been disavowed by the USA, Lexie undertakes an unsanctioned mission to rescue her brother.

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