About the Story:  Nikki Z is a love-her-or-hate-her news anchor on Atlanta TV. ​Cassie Page is an African-American crime reporter for a cable news giant. Her lover is Jimmy Hagan, an Irish-American police detective.  Rudy Decker is a flashy playboy, a user and abuser of women getting rich selling the body parts of black bears. Human life is cheap too. A sexy TV talent coach plays with fire while Nikki Z falls victim to Rudy's fatal ambition. But, Rudy's bloody schemes are threatened by Cassie and Jimmy and by wronged women set on revenge.

About the Authors: Don & Chris  covered the world for ABC News, NBC News, CNN and TV stations in Atlanta, Washington  and the world. 

  • “Great characters, strong women, a vile villain and a plot that keeps you turning pages.”  Rebecca Chase Williams  Former ABC News Correspondent 
  • “Police and reporters chase kidnappers and bear poachers as they follow the deadly mistakes of flawed men and vengeful women.”  Clark Howard -- Nationally syndicated radio talk show host ​

by Robert Messier

Jan 2019 BOM Award Winner

100 Years of Thrillers & Chillers




About The Author:   Robert Messier is BACK with MIW after a three-year absence. He is the published author of 15, mostly non-fiction books on

topics like music, baseball and movies. He has also written a thrilling

science fiction/fantasy novel called “Seeds”. Robert has just released

four new books on horror/sci-fi films called “100 Years of Thrillers and

Chillers” and will be publishing two more books in the Spring to complete

his baseball trilogy.

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About The Series:   Do you LOVE horror movies? What scares you most? Could life exist on other planets? If so, have they ever visited Earth? “100 Years of Thrillers and Chillers” is a new four-book film series that explores these questions and MORE with THRILLS and CHILLS covering the best of Horror and Science Fiction movies from 1919-2019. 

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